Boat Trailer Fabrication, Repairs & Rebuilds

Boat Trailer Fabrication

Billabong Services design and manufacture a wide range of boat trailers. We fabricate our trailers to suit any type of hull shape and size. Our boat trailers are designed to have a low centre of gravity which makes for excellent towing and easy launching.

Boat Trailer Repairs

Billabong has been carrying out boat trailer repairs and modifications for over 25 Years and has extensive knowledge in the setup and design of boat trailers. We only use top quality parts and workmanship to carry out all work on customers trailers.

Boat Trailer Rebuilds

If you have an existing boat trailer, we may be able to rebuild it from the ground up, this entails stripping the trailer down, having it sandblasted, repairs made as nessesary, regalvanised and reassembled. This process will save you time and money to get you back on the water were you belong.

Boat Trailer Before Rebuild

Boat Trailer After Rebuild

Boat Trailer Testimonial

During my search for a new trailer for my 23′ boat, I contacted over 20 trailer builders around NZ, and many didn’t even respond with a price. After contacting Dennis from Billabong I quickly concluded the option of a rebuild was by far the best option.

Not only did I retain the existing heavy frame that I had doubts a new trailer would provide, I saved close to $4000.

The Billabong team stripped and rebuilt my existing trailer with a great new galv job and new running gear that surpasses many other boat trailers I have seen. The trailer was presented back with a sparkly new WOF with the exact same roller setup. Not only does it look great it also tracks beautifully.

My advise – seriously look at a rebuild over new and seriously consider Dennis and his team from Billabong.

P.S. did I mention I saved close to $4000!


Campbell Angus